Human Performance

Introducing the Human Performance Application (HPA) from 4D Motion Sports

Maximize Athlete Performance and Reduce Injury Risk

The HPA was created to allow sports performance facilities and rehabilitation centers the ability to level up their movement assessments utilizing innovative wearable sensor technology. No more eyeball assessments or 2-dimensional video reviews. Now, you will be able to quantify how your athletes move during complex functional movements, and more importantly what needs to improve to optimize performance.

Results are displayed with color-coded indicators (red, yellow, and green) to quickly identify areas requiring attention. The avatar can be manipulated to view a movement from any vantage point helping to uncover subtle compensatory movement strategies undetectable with video or live visual observation.

Precision – Quickly and accurately visualize where your athlete’s movement impairments exist. With this added knowledge at your fingertips, individualized training programs can be adapted to maximize their effectiveness.

Efficiency – Powered by the 4D Motion Gen4 sensor technology, the HPA presents real-time, actionable data insights about an athlete’s movement mechanics. No lengthy downloads are required. Results can even be viewed between movements during the capture session.

Versatility – Perform various squatting, jumping, and hopping movement combinations, in addition to dynamic core stability and joint range of motion all from a single setup. The flexible system design enables endless movement combinations to meet an athlete’s movement assessment needs for any sport.

Portability – Leveraging 4D Motions’ latest wifi-enabled sensors, you can perform movement assessments on the field, the court, the performance facility, or the athletic training room. This provides the freedom to test your athletes in any environment.

Demonstrate Value by Tracking Your Athletes Performance Over Time

Proper mechanics and movement efficiency have been nearly impossible to objectively quantify for your athletes until now. The system allows you to visualize and compare your athletes’ performance over time in every key metric for every movement captured.

Performing assessments throughout the year will allow you to continually prove the value of your services and the effectiveness of your training programs. This is critical for visually demonstrating progress to your athletes, their coaches, and parents.

When routinely performed, you will be able to identify subtle movement compensations which are detrimental to performance and lead to injury over time. Early identification allows immediate proactive intervention to keep your athletes healthy.

How are other movement professionals using the 4D Motion HPA?

  • Baseline Movement Assessments
  • Return to Sport Testing
  • Injury Evaluation and Athlete Readiness
  • Dynamic Core Stability Assessment
  • Limb Symmetry Analysis
  • Range of Motion Testing
  • Human Movement Education
  • Biomechanics and Clinical Research