What is a 4D Module?

  • Modules are smaller components of the full 4D Motion systems that you can buy individually, focusing on a particular aspect of movement, such as Kinematic Sequence, real time biofeedback, torso speed and stability, or hip interactions. Modules are available for Golf, Baseball and Softball.
  • Each module provides just the relevant information you need, on one screen, in an easy-to-read format.
  • Each module is developed in partnership with a highly qualified coach or industry expert. Every module includes a video on how to set it up, understand the data provided and drills on how to improve/optimize the movement based on the performance data.
  • Each module is affordably priced in one-year licenses. For less than the price of a full system, you can choose just the modules you want to customize your 4D Motion system with only the features you need. After a year, renew or choose different modules. Need more than one module? We have great discounts for you.
  • Modules systems start at $230 for players and $280 for coaches. Already own a 4D Motion system? You can add individual modules starting at $45

What are the modules available for

Golf, Baseball, and Softball?


  • 1 sensor club
  • 1 sensor chest
  • 1 sensor hip
  • 1 sensor sway
  • 2 sensor wrist
  • 2 sensor hip chest kinematic sequence
  • 4 sensor kinematic sequence

Baseball/Softball Hitting

  • 1 sensor hitting module for chest angular velocity and spine stability
  • 2 sensor bat, chest launch quickness module
  • 2 sensor bat, chest, sequence and angles
  • 2 sensor hip chest kinematic sequence
  • 4 sensor kinematic sequence hitting

Baseball Pitching

  • 2 sensor hip chest sequence, timing and angles

Softball Pitching

  • 3 sensor kinematic sequence
  • 3 sensor positional practice

What does this mean for me if I’m already a customer?

  • If you are happy with what you have, continue to enjoy your 4D Motion system because there are no changes for you
  • If you want to buy or upgrade to a 6-sensor systems, buy before the December 3rd price increase

As a bonus, if you own a full system 4D Motion by December 2nd, receive a 50% discount on individual modules purchased by December 31, 2019. That includes all our existing full system owners.


For golf, contact Karl Lambert karl@

For all other applications and licenses, contact Conrad Chan conrad@