4D Motion -Softball

4D motion

The most powerful, portable, affordable 3D motion capture system used by the top sports professionals worldwide, now available for Softball hitting and pitching.

4D Motion for Softball

3-Sensor Softball Speed Module for Pitching
3-Sensor Softball Position Module for Pitching
2-Sensor Launch Quickness Module
4-Sensor Hitting Kinematic Sequence Module
4- Senor Gen 4 Expert System
8- Sensor Gen 4 Expert System

What is a 4D Module?

  • Modules are smaller components of the full 4D Motion systems focu on a particular aspect of movement, such as Kinematic Sequence, real time biofeedback, torso speed and stability, or hip interactions.
  • Each module provides just the relevant information you need, on one screen, in an easy-to-read format.
  • Each module is developed in partnership with a highly qualified coach or industry expert. Every module includes a video on how to set it up, understand the data provided and drills on how to improve/optimize the movement based on the performance data.
  • Each module is affordably priced in one-year licenses. For less than the price of a full system, you can use modules to customize your 4D Motion system with only the features you need.

What are the softball modules that we provide?

Softball Pitching

  • 3 sensor kinematic sequence
  • 3 sensor positional practice

Softball Hitting

  • 2 sensor launch quickness module
  • 4 sensor kinematic sequence hitting
“4D Motion helped us from the beginning…make adjustments throughout the season. A real game changer! Thank you very much!”

– Kevin Long, Hitting Coach
2019 World Champion Washington Nationals

“4D Motion will revolutionize how coaches train young ladies to pitch in the fastpitch softball game…. This system will make you a better coach… It is unbelievably easy to use and all the metrics you need to analyze your pitchers are provided for you.”

– Rick Pauly
PaulyGirl Fastpitch