Revolutionize Your Training & Therapy with Real World 3D Motion Technology


  Harness the power of motion capture technology that the pros trust - the US Figure Skating team, professional baseball teams, top 100 golf coaches and the top hospitals in the country to name just a few.

  Perfect for coaches, athletes, trainers, therapists, and companies seeking sensor integration or a customized white-label solution.

  A real world wearable solution that can be worn on the field or at home for hours on end, not limited to a spot capture in front of a camera.


What is 4D Motion Sports?

4D Motion Sports is a real world wearable human motion training system. Simply put on the sensors then play a round of golf, go running, or just go about your day and 4D can identify and analyze your movements, providing recommendations and measuring your progress.

Our state-of-the-art motion capture technology has applications ranging from expert systems which can capture virtually any motion with complete and detailed analysis tools to simpler sports and therapy specific systems.

Watch the video below to see it in action.

Trusted and Used by The World's Top Sports Professionals and Medical Experts

Our technology is trusted and utilized by a diverse range of professionals—from the elite US Figure Skating team, professional baseball teams, and top 100 golf coaches to the top hospitals in the country. 

These prestigious organizations trust our system to enhance athletic performance, speed up injury recovery, and refine training techniques. Our partnerships reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation in the fields of sports and healthcare.

Figure Skating

Find the right 4D Motion System for you


Out of the box training solutions:

  • Simple to use out of the box.

  • Quickly analyze your clients movements and select training programs like real time biofeedback to help them find and feel the correct movements.

Expert Systems:

  • Looking for a more robust 3D motion system that can capture virtually any movements, render a 3D avatar and have access to all the graphs and data you can handle? The expert system is right for you.

Remote Training:

  • With 4D Motion, all your students' movements are stored in the cloud.

  • In person or thousands of miles away, you will have access to their movement data so that you can work with them wherever they are in the world.

Learn, feel, ingrain:

  • Stop spending hours practicing without the real time feedback you need to improve!

  • 4D Motion player systems provide instant feedback with each swing, throw, jump, etc. so that you know what to adjust and how to improve.

  • Real time biofeedback mode guides you in real time. Simply watch your avatar and move yourself into the correct positions. It is impossible to practice the wrong movements with this system.

Prevent Injuries:

  • Leverage real-time feedback to adjust harmful movement patterns or detect fatigue that can lead to serious injury.

Integrate Cutting-Edge Sensor Technology:

  • Transform your physical product into an advanced solution by embedding our state of the art technology into your product.

  • By embedding our sensor(s) into your product you can provide the user with the data they need to maximize your products benefit!

  • Measure and train repetitions, speed, acceleration/deceleration, angles, paths, etc.

  • We will match the hardware with a custom mobile app developed just for you.

White Label Solutions:

  • Is your business model limited to content subscription?

  • 4D Motion develops custom white label solutions designed around your teaching methods.

  • Building hardware and custom applications from scratch can take years, cost a fortune and often fail in the end. 4D Motion White Label Solutions are developed quickly, affordably, reliably because they are built on top of our technology stack that took over 10 years to develop.


Why Choose 4D Motion?

 Experience Real-World Application

4D Motion technology goes beyond the conventional limitations of movement analysis in laboratory settings, practice fields, and static capture points. We have demonstrated our effectiveness in real-life situations, where stress, fatigue, and competition pressures are present. Our technology provides real-time analysis of body movements during activities such as golf, tennis, running, skating, etc., and identifies crucial flaws that can offer valuable insights for targeted training or performance adjustments.

Everyday Usability

Crucial Insights for Improvement

Immediate Feedback and Progress Tracking

Home-Based Rehabilitation

Real-Time Analysis on Mobile Devices

Sharable Data and Insights

Enhanced At-Home Therapy Accuracy

Self-Guided Training System

Experience the Future of Training and Human Performance Enhancement

Abandon old-school techniques and step up your game with our cutting-edge Motion Capture System. It's not just about analysis; it's about revolutionizing the way you move.

Act now to immerse yourself in the advanced world of human performance, where every movement is a step towards perfection.

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