With 4D Motion
you can capture / analyze / train
any human movement in seconds


What is a 4D Module?

  • Modules are smaller components of the full 4D Motion systems that you can buy individually, focusing on a particular aspect of movement, such as Kinematic Sequence, real time biofeedback, torso speed and stability, or hip interactions. Modules are available for Golf, Baseball and Softball.
  • Each module provides just the relevant information you need, on one screen, in an easy-to-read format.
  • Each module is developed in partnership with a highly qualified coach or industry expert. Every module includes a video on how to set it up, understand the data provided and drills on how to improve/optimize the movement based on the performance data.
  • Each module is affordably priced in one-year licenses. For less than the price of a full system, you can choose just the modules you want to customize your 4D Motion system with only the features you need. After a year, renew or choose different modules. Need more than one module? We have great discounts for you.
  • Modules systems start at $230 for players and $280 for coaches. Already own a 4D Motion system? You can add individual modules starting at $45

4D MOTION System

4D MOTION – a revolutionary wireless 3D Full Body and Club Motion Capture system for your mobile device. Sensors smaller than a poker chip capture your movements in 3D for analysis right on your smartphone or tablet. The software provides 3D visualization of your setup and swing, data, graphs and even an overlay comparison of swings.

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Powerful Full Body
& Club 3D Motion

Full body and club motion capture with 3D visualization & tools, graphs, tour ranges and much more. Comparison view allows you to compare 2 swings both visually and through the graph data. With real time biofeedback and scorecard modes for training, 4D Motion is the most advanced, portable, 3D motion system that is simple enough to use every day.


& Ultra Portability

4D Motion can be used with for 1 sensor biofeedback on the body or club – setup and ready to go in seconds, anywhere. All you need is the sensor and a mobile device. 4D also has many other configurations from 2 to 18 sensors so it can be as simple or comprehensive as you need. Measuring only what you need to so that you are spending your time coaching, not setting up technology.



4D Motion is the most affordable 3D system on the market that can do full biomechanical training and analysis. And with our new 1 sensor starter package, it is affordable for everyone. From there you can upgrade to 3, 6 or 12 sensors with no penalty. Get started with 4D Motion now.

4d motion sensor


More sensor set package options


  • Chest
  • Pelvis
  • Kinematic Sequence
  • Torso Rotation
  • Lead Wrist
  • Trail Wrist
  • Hip Movement
  • Lead Arm Adduction
  • Lead Elbow
  • Trail Elbow
  • Knee Bend
  • Hip flexion/extension
  • Club shaft
  • Club head speed
  • Shoulder rotation
  • Head
  • Club path, hand path and other body paths
  • Hip and shoulder lines
  • Functional Swing Plane
  • Spine angle
  • Accelegation vectors
  • Target line
  • Hot Spots/lines and free hand draw
  • Skeleton view
  • Hide select body parts
  • And more…
  • Overlay 2 swings so that you can compare visually and through graph data
  • Save swings when you are hitting it great as a reference swing to compare against later when you are not.
  • Compare to tour level swings in the swing bank.

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