Unleash Your Player's Performance

  • Elevate your coaching game with wireless, full body & bat motion capture technology. 

  • Gain access to industry leading, top of the line technology that the pro's are using.

  • Watch the video to see it in action.
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A variety of configuration options that support the individual needs of your training programs. (subject to change over time)

1- Sensor Configurations
  • Hip
2- Sensor Configurations
  • Chest, Lead Upper Arm
  • Chest, Trail Upper Arm
  • Lower Arm, Bat
  • Pelvis, Chest
3- Sensor Configurations
  • Chest, Lead Upper Arm, Bat
  • Chest, Trail Upper Arm, Bat
  • Pelvis, Hip, Lead Leg
  • Pelvis, Lead Arm, Bat
  • Pelvis, Lead Arm, Hand
  • Lead Lower Arm, Hand, Bat
  • Chest, Pelvis, Lead Upper Arm
  • Chest, Pelvis, Trail Upper Arm
  • Trail Arm & Wrist, Bat
  • Trail Arm & Wrist, Hand
4-Sensor Configurations
  • Chest, Pelvis, Lead Upper Arm, Bat
5- Sensor Configurations
  • Pelvis,  Chest,  Trail Arm,  Hand
  • Chest, Pelvis, Lead Arm, Bat
  • Chest, Pelvis, Trail Arm, Bat
6- Sensor Configurations
  • Chest, Head, Both Arms
  • Pelvis, Chest, Both Legs
  • Chest, Lead Arm, Hand, Both Lower Legs
  • Pelvis, Chest, Lead Upper arm, Thighs, Bat
  • Pelvis, Chest, Trail Arm, Thighs
  • Pelvis, Chest, Lead Upper Arm, Trail Arm, Bat
  • Pelvis, Chest, Both Arms
  • Pelvis, Chest, Lead Arm, Hand, Bat
  • Pelvis, Chest, Trail Arm, Hand, Bat
  • Pelvis, Chest,Trail Upper Arm, Trail Leg, Bat
7- Sensor Configurations
  • Chest, Pelvis, Both Arms, Bat
8-Sensor Configurations
  • Pelvis, Chest, Both Legs, Both Feet
  • Pelvis, Chest, Both Arms, Thighs
  • Pelvis, Chest, Trail Arm, Legs
  • Pelvis, Chest, Lead Arm, Legs

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"No better system for immediate biomechanics feedback than 4D Motion. It has been a game changer for my business and my ability to advance our athletes' baseball careers."

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