Professional Figure Skating 

Partnering with the US Figure Skating Athlete High Performance Department, we have created our 1-Sensor Figure Skating Workload and Performance Management Module.


Our workload and performance management module is a simple but powerful 1-sensor system worn on the belt line that identifies and tracks all the key jump data in your workout.

Identify and count singles, doubles, triples, quads and combinations, plus peak angular velocity of your rotation in each jump.

Manages your progress over time and can proactively indicates fatigue when your rotational speed drops significantly from your baseline.

Coach and skater systems are sync’d via the cloud so that teams can effectively see the data and manage performance and goals together.

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Jump Auto Detection and Metrics.

Simply place the sensor on your hip using the belt clip holder provided and press start on the app. From there just begin your workout.

The system will automatically detect and capture all of your jumps and the key metrics.

  • Jump turns identify the number of turns in the jump for singles, doubles, triples and quads.
  • Peak angular velocity is the peak rotational speed of your pelvis in that jump. 

  • Peak angular velocity vs. Max shows the speed of that jump vs. your Max baseline. A significant decrease from your Max can be a strong signal of fatigue which can lead to injury. You and your coach can use this information to manage your workout programs.

  • The graph and 3D avatar on the bottom shows the orientation of your pelvis in your jump across 3 axis.

Performance Management & Tracking.

The system is designed  to measure your performance progression and fatigue management.

Controls allow you to set date ranges and see progress by jump type.

  • Track your overall workout jump loads.
  • Track your speed progression over time.
  • Track your progress vs. your peak averages.
  • Track your progress towards a max speed goal.
  • Manage fatigue/injury risk.
Workload Management

The Jump Count tab provides you the data that you need to manage your workload.

This view allows you to set a date range and view/manage your workload progression.

  • Total jumps.
  • Totals by jump types including combinations.

Fatigue is typically the greatest risk factor for injury in most sports. By managing your workload and your performance in workouts, you can more effectively optimize your progression towards a goal while reducing the chance of injury.

What's in the box?

Hardware included:
  • 1 Gen 4 sensor
  • USB Charging cable
  • Clip Mount  
  • Storage pouch