3D Motion Capture Technology for Golf Coaches

Revolutionize Your Golf Coaching with Real World 3D Motion Measurement Technology

In concert with your instruction, players need feedback and measured progress to improve and stay motivated.

Whether you are an instructor who is new to 3D Motion Capture or an expert who wants a robust motion capture analytics platform, scroll down to learn more about which system is best for you!

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Which system is best for your coaching needs?


A variety of configuration options that support the individual needs of your training programs. (subject to change over time)

1- Sensor Configurations
  • Hip
2- Sensor Configurations
  • Chest, Lead Upper Arm
  • Chest, Trail Upper Arm
  • Lower Arm, Club
  • Pelvis, Chest
3- Sensor Configurations
  • Chest, Lead Upper Arm, Club
  • Chest, Trail Upper Arm, Club
  • Pelvis, Lead Leg
  • Lead Arm, Club
  • Lead Arm, Hand
  • Lead Lower Arm, Hand, Club
  • Chest, Pelvis, Lead Upper Arm
  • Chest, Pelvis, Trail Upper Arm
  • Trail Arm, Club
  • Trail Arm, Hand
4-Sensor Configurations
  • Chest, Pelvis, Lead Upper Arm, Club
5- Sensor Configurations
  • Both Lower Arms, Hands, Club
  • Chest, Pelvis, Lead Arm, Club
  • Chest, Pelvis, Lead Arm, Hand
  • Chest, Pelvis, Trail Arm, Club
  • Chest, Pelvis, Trail Arm, Hand
6- Sensor Configurations
  • Chest, Head, Both Arms
  • Chest, Pelvis, Both Legs
  • Chest, Pelvis, Lead Arm, Club, Lead Thigh
  • Chest, Pelvis, Lead Arm, Hand, Club
  • Chest, Pelvis, Lead Upper Arm, Club, Both Thighs
  • Chest, Pelvis, Trail Arm, Hand, Club
  • Chest, Pelvis, Both Upper Arms, Trail Thigh, Club
7- Sensor Configurations
  • Chest, Pelvis, Both Legs, Lead Foot
  • Chest, Pelvis, Both Arms, Club
8-Sensor Configurations
  • Chest, Both Arms, Both Hands, Club
  • Pelvis, Chest, Both Legs, Both Feet
  • Pelvis, Chest, Lead Leg, Lead Arm, Hand, Club
  • Pelvis, Chest, Both Arms, Both Hands
  • Pelvis, Chest, Lead Upper Arm, Lead Hand, Both Thighs, Club
  • Pelvis, Chest, Trail Upper Arm, Trail Hand, Both Thighs, Club
Why Choose 4D Motion for Golf Coaching?

Here’s all the good stuff

Real-time Biofeedback and 3D Visualization

Our system provides immediate feedback and comprehensive 3D visualization of the golfer's swing. This instant analysis enables coaches to make on-the-spot adjustments and communicate corrections more effectively, leading to faster improvements.

Access to Elite Coaching Tools and Resources

With 4D Motion, you gain access to a library of how-to videos and instructional content crafted by some of the top coaches in golf. These resources are designed to help you apply the data collected by our sensors in the most effective way to enhance both your coaching skills and your players' performance.

Easy-to-Use, Whatever Your Expertise

Whether you're a novice seeking to understand the basics of biomechanics or an expert looking to deepen your analysis, 4D Motion offers a seamless experience. Plus, with upgradeable systems, you can start with what you need and expand your capabilities when you're ready for more advanced features.

Portability and Flexibility

Our wireless technology ensures that 4D Motion is not confined to the driving range. Its portability allows coaches to use the system anywhere they wish – be it at home, on the course, or at the driving range. This flexibility means you can offer your students consistent, high-quality coaching, regardless of location.

"4D motion is a simple portable, an affordable way for you to get into the 3D space. No more guessing, very easy to understand and communicate to your student."

"4D motion is the only system that I can use with my athletes everywhere. On the golf course, on the water, even the ocean. This is incredibly important because we need to see the motions and data in the actual competitive environments."

"I think 4D motion is an unbelievable piece of [technology]. I already knew this was a powerful tool, but it’s much more powerful than I ever expected."