Fastpitch Training Module

Designed with Rick Pauly to maximize the 3 KEYS speed, spin and location!

  • Train smarter through measurement, instant feedback and focused training!

  • This single sensor worn on the back of the pelvis (belt strap included) measures linear speed, rotational speed, and max deceleration of the pelvis of each pitch - the key fundamental metrics that drive speed, spin and location!

  • 4 training videos from top fast pitch Instructor Rick Pauly are included to help train each of these 3 fundamentals.

  • Unlike camera based systems, ours is a wearable that captures all your pitches throughout your practice or in a game, anywhere, anytime.

  • Since each pitch is automatically detected, you can review your metrics after each pitch, or simply play/practice seamlessly and review later.


  • Key Metrics

  • Real World Wearable

  • In The Box

Measure and train what's most important.

Linear Speed:

  • Peak linear drive speed as your body comes off the pitching rubber.
  • First creation of energy.
  • Faster drive creates more energy available to transfer.
  • Drive energy transfers into the rotational speed of the pelvis when the stride foot plants.

Peak Rotational Speed:

  • The max rotational speed of the pelvis in the pitching motion.
  • Helps create separation of the pelvis and chest and the related muscle stretch required for the acceleration of the chest rotational speed.
  • Positions the pelvis to receive the forearm for brush triggering.

Max Deceleration:

  • Measures how fast the pelvis stops rotating, braking rate of the pelvis.
  • Transfers energy into the rotational acceleration of the chest.
  • Provides a consistent foundation for the forearm to perform brush triggering on the hip leading to location consistency.


Measure in the real world where it counts!

The real world - games, scrimmages, long practice sessions - is where you need to start tracking your performance.

4D Motion's system is worn on your lower back and goes where you go.

Our sophisticated algorithms can detect and analyze each pitch for immediate feedback or later review.

If you want to improve, you need to measure these key foundational speed metrics.

What's in the box?


* (1) Sensor
* Charging cable
* Belt strap
* Double sided body tape
* Carry pouch

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“The 4D Motion single sensor product is so easy to use and the metrics it provides are so valuable for developing high level pitchers.”

“I love the one sensor; it is very easy to use. It encourages the pitchers to adjust quickly to see immediate feedback and results.”